(140-Character Creative Nonfiction)

The Twitter hashtag #CNFtweets, encouraged by Creative Nonfiction Magazine, is used to tell short, true stories. I'm compiling my contributions to the hashtag here. This page gets updated regularly. Guests now departed, we flop onto the couch, eager to savor the silence, but find the quiet cluttered with their echoes. 10-12-16 We're out of practice for these brisk October mornings, the furnace lurching to life while autumn waltzes in through open windows. 10-5-16 A tiny melodic Read more [...]


(This true story first appeared at the splendid The twenty-something woman made a rookie mistake, standing within earshot of the old man in the flannel. She probably didn’t know, or maybe she enjoys gambling, but as soon as she planted her feet at the front of the #35, the clock was ticking. There weren’t many clicks before he spoke up. “What’s that in your glass?” he asks, pointing at her mason jar. She looked down as if to confirm her answer. “Chia milk.” “Chia Read more [...]

Everyday Stories 2015 – Recap

Everyday Stories is my annual "30 Stories in 30 Days Inspired by 30 Stranger's Photographs" writing project. If you're looking for a place to start, or want to find a story you liked, this is a good place to start. Lorraine   November 1   "...every man in that room knew his wife had a personal and deep-seated vendetta against either age or gravity or Whitman’s chocolates..."   Lifesavers   November 2  " seemed like we were in a Read more [...]