(140-Character Creative Nonfiction)

The Twitter hashtag #CNFtweets, encouraged by Creative Nonfiction Magazine, is used to tell short, true stories. I'm compiling my contributions to the hashtag here. This page gets updated regularly. He liked the smile lines spreading like a dry river delta around his eyes. Having a face wrecked by happiness felt like a victory. 7-29-16 Tiny teen's avatar is stone-faced and serious, his gangling frame like rickety scaffolding beneath his NHL replica jersey. 7-17-16 I called Read more [...]

Everyday Stories 2015 – Recap

Everyday Stories is my annual "30 Stories in 30 Days Inspired by 30 Stranger's Photographs" writing project. If you're looking for a place to start, or want to find a story you liked, this is a good place to start. Lorraine   November 1   "...every man in that room knew his wife had a personal and deep-seated vendetta against either age or gravity or Whitman’s chocolates..."   Lifesavers   November 2  " seemed like we were in a Read more [...]

The Affair

It was on account of Lorrette Nelson that Danny now insisted on being called Daniel, an adjustment his parents made little effort to honor. When he told his mother why – that Lo had told him he was too handsome to be just a Danny – she laughed, somewhat loudly, and Daniel stomped to his room. His mother stood outside the bedroom door and reminded him that Lorrette was nearly 18 and much older than him, and that if a romance was going to happen, it would be when he was old enough to go on Read more [...]


Rosario held the phone a few inches from her ear as Maria chastised her from a thousand miles away. “I can’t believe what I’m hearing, Rosie. Who needs instructions for how to relax?” Rosario promised she would give it a try that day. “There’s nothing to try, Rosie. Just go sit in the pool and when you think of your job, tell that thought to get the hell out of there. Relax!” She told Maria that she would definitely go to the pool that afternoon. "Not good enough. You’re on vacation! Read more [...]


Timmy was struggling to get the tip of the coat hanger through the bowl of the bong when he realized how silent the camper had become. “If you stoners are finding my activity fascinating, I doubt we need this cleaned after all.” Scott shook his head like he was trying to break a trance. “I don’t know, brother, you’ve got a steady style to what you’re doing. Don’t underestimate yourself.” The silence returned for a moment before Kyle blurted, “I wouldn’t want to go to Read more [...]