(140-Character Creative Nonfiction)

The Twitter hashtag #CNFtweets, encouraged by Creative Nonfiction Magazine, is used to tell short, true stories. I'm compiling my contributions to the hashtag here. This page gets updated regularly. Blue sky morning, my neighbor yells repeatedly at the guy with a leaf blower. The guy hears none of it, or pretends not to. 9-29-15 How many days have I stood at the mirror weighing which I hate more, shaving or having a beard? Why is it still up for debate? 9-28-15 Savoring the Read more [...]

The Unwelcome Rider

(This true story first appeared at the splendid The #35 was standing room only when two gentlemen, locked in conversation, boarded and stood in front of me at the front of the bus. The one closer to me had a messenger bag over his shoulder and as he adjusted it to accommodate the other standing riders, I saw a small spider clinging to the strap by his shoulder. I wanted to alert him about his tiny stowaway, but even at a safe distance, peoples’ reactions to spiders run Read more [...]

Disappear (100 word story)

I’d save a quarter for the superball machine at the corner store, covertly flash the dayglo toy to my little brother as I entered the apartment. He’d bounce up and we’d go to the hallway, hold the little colored ball over the eight-story gap in the stairwell and drop. The balls rarely reached bottom, pushed off course by the HVAC or their own imperfections, careening off railings onto other floors. We’d hurtle down the stairs, eyes darting left and right, but sometimes they couldn’t Read more [...]

In Heat

(This true story first appeared at the splendid I’ve never seen him, but he’s clearly smitten with her. She’s one of our regulars, and it’s the first time I’ve seen her on the #35 with a boy in tow – his exuberant, minor-league groping invites “boy” as the descriptor despite them both looking like they’re in their twenties – and this afternoon anomaly coupled with his cartoonish inability to keep his hands to himself suggests he recently sampled the sweetness Read more [...]

Tiny Stars (100 word story)

Laying on the hood of her old Volvo, we scanned the sky, looking for the meteor shower the weatherman had promised – “he must know, he’s a meteorologist” – our conversation continually broken by exclamations of “there’s one," then pointless pointing as the other tried to find the fleeting flash amid the myriad dots of light. We never saw the stars the other saw, focused as we were on our own patch of sky. After a while I just kept my sightings to myself, making each meteor mine Read more [...]

The List and the Library

Tsunduko is a Japanese word that describes buying books and not reading them, or letting books accumulate unread on shelves, tables, or your life. I don’t know why there isn’t an English word for this phenomenon, because I know plenty of people whose homes fit that description. Even mine, and I have very little budget for buying books. If I could afford it, I’d quickly qualify for an episode of Hoarders. (“Did you notice how his bookshelf was made out of other books? How does a person let Read more [...]