By day, mild-mannered marketing copywriter stealthily sneaking clever wordplay into the most corporate of collateral — but at night, creative mischeivian bent on taking the shortest possible path to profound truths and/or preposterous lies. (Still mild-mannered then, too.) Contained within:

Found Photo Stories: Imagined scenarios seen in stranger’s photos

#CNFtweets: Tiny true stories akin to literary popcorn

Fiction: A few fibs told under the guise of artistry

Words I Like: Tiny love-letters to particular words that have captured my attention

Random: None of the above, but still something

Emails sent to Bill at this site will almost surely get a response.  

Infinite appreciation for Jeff Guardalabene and Jarred Decker, whose stellar photos make this site immeasurably more enjoyable to look at.

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  1. By: Palmer Yale Posted: 05/18/2020

    Hi Bill,
    My name is Palmer Yale and I used to play in a band called The Low Road. Many years ago you sent a letter to us and last week in cleaning out my garage I came across a box of Low Road stuff and found your letter. I shard it with the others in the band and everyone loved it. Some of us remembered it from decades ago and we all appreciated the fact that you sent it to us back in the 90s. Your writing was terrific and it made us all feel good, then and now.
    Oddly enough we had a reunion show in Philly on June 1, 2019. We played two shows and sold them both out. A great time had by all. We all live relatively close in NY, NJ and PA.
    I’m happy to send you a pdf of your letter if reach out to me via email. I couldn’t figure how to attach it to the blog.
    In the meantime Mark Schreiber, our drummer has made a Facebook page with alot of pics and schedules and a video from our June show.

    I really like your blog. Keep up the writing etc.
    All the best to you and again thanks for the uplift during these strange times.




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