Winter haiku

dusk, the hill becomes
constellations of lights
as neighbors come home

three santas on train
curious toddler struggles
to make sense of it

through open windows
the world whispers, shhh, shhh, shhh,
tires splashing the rain

fresh winter snow
slowly obscuring
rainbow-striped lawn chair

crocuses blooming,
small, defiant brilliance
barren winter lawn

sagging, toothless grin
dusted with december snow
tired jack-o-lantern

breath against blue sky
brisk winter wind whisks away
frozen evidence

snow refuses to stick
as if winter and autumn
still negotiating

freshly frozen pond
ducks chatter and squawk
small tentative steps

a chevron of geese
lost in the bright aurora
of december sun

november morning
fingers interlaced around
steaming coffee mug

winter lingers on
while buds, pregnant with promise,
impatiently wait

blanket of snow melts
the muddy yard looks worse now
by comparison

the paths we travel
rote routines, now revealed by
footprints in the snow

dark winter evening
cold stillness pierced: chatty geese

photo with santa,
quaint; but packages start at
thirty five dollars

the frozen car seat
hard, unaccomodating
thus begins winter

santa on sidewalk
hawking discount mattress sale
(shield my daughter’s eyes)

restless mall santa
prowls the childless north pole,
checks his watch again

bleeding from headphones
staccato bursts of brass
defy this bleak day

unexpected frost
scraping the car windshield with
flimsy credit card

drips from the rooftop
steady as a metronome
ripples waltz in time

white winter breath
a memory gently caressed
cold hands on cold face

this small tract of land
numb under winter’s long spell
has mastered patience

within the dark house
winter has found a foothold
hurry with that fire

clouds hold winter in
despite this, or because of
I recognize home

dark morning hillside
reveals its outline slowly
house lights turning on

pale winter morning
the sky is slow to decide
on today’s wardrobe

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