Spring haiku

day-glo rain jackets
like vivid paint dabbed onto
this black-and-white day

pink and white petals
paint the puddle beneath
blooming magnolia

a sliver of sun
breaks through the shifting clouds
and lands in my hand

calendar says spring,
clad in tank top and shorts
shivering at bus stop

this first day of spring
burdened with winter’s baggage,
she tightens her scarf

the first sun of spring
and all along fourth street
smiles come into bloom

billowy gray clouds
struggle to impose their gloom
but bright rays sneak through

proud purple pansies
flaunting their early spring bloom
beneath bare lilacs

cherry tree? dogwood?
some other flowering bloom?
whatever: beautiful

new buds breaking through
on witch hazel cluttered with
last season’s dried leaves

The fourth sunny day
of a long overdue spring
the tulips relent

necks craning upward
as if asking the blue sky:
now? now is it spring?

thirty five degrees
and drop by slow forming drop
icicle relents

yellow umbrella
brought to glorious bloom by
early spring rain

winter spent in gray
today, in her tan jacket
she is a spring bloom

Dogwood’s early bloom
stealing most of the morning
from struggling daphne

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