Reality (A Recessionary Homage to Nikki McClure)

The iconic art of Olympian artist Nikki McClure is as much a part of the Pacific Northwest landscape as Douglas Firs and counter lines at Stumptown Coffee, so ubiquitous it might seem that complimentary prints are provided to new residents when they sign their first lease agreement in the Portland area. Her paper-cut design and poignant one-word messaging define her style, but as the economic downturn drags on, her irrepressible positivity sometimes seems out of kilter with the reality of many of our lives. Without her permission, her work has been reimagined here with an infusion of futile resume submissions, overdraft fees, and sub-prime frustrations.

(This is purely a parody. Ms. McClure’s impressive art – with her intended captions – is available for purchase at  Thanks to Mike Vogel for conceptual assistance, though if any lawyers ask, he had nothing to do with it.)

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