Palefaith (1992-1994)

In what seems like another lifetime, I had the pleasure of forming a band called Palefaith, a folk/rock trio that played in Maine from 1992-1994. I was enjoying playing in my rock quartet Sister Blue at the time, but really wanted to hear some of my songs with a female lead singer. Pure serendipity (and a nudge from Sara Stevens) allowed me to connect with Gina Thompson McCarthy, who remains one of my favorite voices ever. We released our debut EP, Sigh, as a duo, and added the wonderful percussionist (and person) Doug Hoyt for the second album, Crushing, in 1993, and the final album, Sway, in 1994.

Any flaws in the vocals on the tracks below should be blamed on my amateur production, as Gina’s voice was and is an improbably pure and lovely instrument. I feel privileged to have worked with her.

Doug – Drums, vocals, percussion
Gina – Vocals, percussion
Bill РGuitar, bass, vocals, mandolin, anything else that was handy 

Here’s a few songs from each album:

This Is How I Know (1992)

Out Here / Feeling Gravity (1992)

Walk Myself Home (1993)

Cure (1993)

Now You Know (1993)

Not At All (1994)

Down Here (1994)

Mine (1994)

The album covers for Sigh and Crushing were done by the inimitable Brent Veysey, who also did Sister Blue’s album covers. I felt like we had imposed enough by the time Sway came around, so I used a drawing by Favor Ellis with a thoroughly mediocre layout by yours truly. I love the flower, but I wish I had bothered Brent one more time.

While looking through my memorabilia to get the images above, I found this chronicle of each of our live shows. This is likely of little interest to anyone outside the band, but….well, I was in the band, so I was amused. I’m surprised there are venues I simply have no recollection of.

2 response to "Palefaith (1992-1994)"

  1. By: Willreagan Posted: 03/21/2014

    Doug’s drumming on “Walk Myself Home” straight-up delights me — follow that snare for a minute. #$@& awesome.

  2. By: Lisa Allen Posted: 04/18/2014

    I loved that one Bill! Those lyrics come to mind from time to time as I browse the singles scenes in Bangor.. LOL! I wonder if I have Palefaith on a cassette somewhere… and I wonder if I still have a cassette deck to play it on! Keep smiling -Lisa

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