One Day on the Effing Bus (live!)

I had the privilege of participating in “Humanity on Wheels 2”, a night of transit-related storytelling hosted by Kick-ass Oregon History ( and Once again, The Jack London Bar was a cool, cozy venue, one of my favorites in the city. The entire evening will soon be available as a Sprocket Podcast, but for the moment, the ever-splendid Mike Vogel captured an audience recording (bootleg!) of my not-quite-15-minutes of fame. (Please note, this is a story about cussing, and it has a bit of that, so don’t be rushing to share this with your kids.)

  • Bill – Are you and I from the same family? I would have probably at least committed battery, if not assault on the guy because you (me) try the reasonable approach, he shits on it, thereby dissolving any semblance of reasonable rational process. Now, don’t get me wrong, I might have fared no better in the fight! But I would have made a shit load of fucking noise before the thing settled down. I’ll TRY to remember your outcome next time I feel like I’ve been wronged.

    Great stuff too. You’re very good. Although I think if they saw you now they’d say “some homeless looking guy kidnapping a little girl is telling me to be cool?”

  • Willreagan

    Thanks Tim. I would like to have the audio recap of your version right next to this one. I imagine the comments would be, “He sure swears a lot for someone who is trying to get the swearing toned down.” (Of course, that can be said about my audio, too.)

  • Willreagan

    The folks at The Sprocket Podcast have posted most of the audio from the whole evening of stories. If you missed it, you can catch it here; if you attended, you can try to pick out your own voice from the audio.