Rattlecan Shimmer (CD)

In 2003, I recorded 98% of Rattlecan Shimmer, then moved on to other projects. In 2007, I did a rough mix of the tracks for a friend and decided the 2%, while probably advisable, was not necessary. I assembled the packaging, and here it is, all 98% of it. This low-fi collection features me on all of the instruments (guitar, bass, piano, percussion, vocals, etc.) and while it would be fair to call it a "drafts" tape (with occasional quavering harmonies and tenuous lead guitar parts) I have long Read more [...]

Columns and Rows (the Torrential book)

Torrential Parentheses #1 - #100 Column: an article that appears regularly in a publication Row: a noisy dispute or quarrel; commotion This volume collects the first 100 Torrential Parentheses essays in a soft-cover, spiral-bound collection (printed at my local independent copy shop) for the paltry price of $15.00. (Just 15 cents per column!) You might be wondering, "Why should I pay $15.00 for a bunch of essays I can read online for free?" Because you'd be supporting an independent writer Read more [...]