Home haiku

three generations
watch him try ill-fitting shirts
only grandma smiles

reaching pine shadows
stripe the park with light and dark
toddler jumps the gaps

finger-paint flowers
taped to living room windows
raindrops splash on sill

teen girl softly sings
as she braids her sister’s hair
row after perfect row

arms loaded with books
teen trails dad to checkout,
irrepressible grin

awkward photograph
another random landmark
fatigued family

one enormous bite
cupcake’s frosting disappears
ravenous toddler

“I have to study”
she lied into the phone,
movie tickets in hand

cheer practice just out
timid teen at bus stop
pretends not to notice

leather leash grows stiff
too long hanging on this hook
weighted with memory

front porch, root beer floats
clinking of spoons on glassware
savor this moment

dusk, backyard is filled
cars, trains, dogs barking, wind chimes
symphony of life

thud of leaping cat
frantic shriek of toddler:
kitchen, dragonfly

sleep seeps in slowly
ushered by the hushed chaos
of nearby t.v.

white wool mittens
sculpting sand-castle igloo
off-season seashore

six a.m. silence
savored, like a flavor
I rarely get to taste

singing to the dog
so softly that words are lost
to the thumping tail

supine on the dock
staring into the green murk
she whispers, “hi fish”

at last, baby sleeps
and for a few minutes, Mom
goes by her first name

toddler stomps her foot
puddle explodes everywhere
her power revealed

red bowl of pale apricots,
fresh asparagus

this persistent cat
leaps again for the keyboard
amn grft edwathn

the last ripe red plum
prey to “you first” courtesies
fades to crimson

the child intones, owning it:

we can’t count the stars,
I insist, but she defies me:
one, two, three, four, five…

in housecat disguise
prowling, slowly, belly low
behold the lion

she grins sheepishly
brushing cookie crumbs from her lips
as if she had sinned

heavy long-sleeved shirts
reach longingly for the ground
rainy day clothesline

the ripple effect
of barking dogs, expanding
through the neighbrohood

sad goodbye to guests
but later, in the darkness
we’ll savor the space

gray, sunless sunrise
dog’s head rises, considers,
settles back to sleep

revolving glass door
toddler spins again, again
tired mom relents

child’s blue rubber ball
stranded on empty sidewalk
patient by default

he holds the leash, ready
I’m sorry, Boo. Today we learn

this brief solitude
free to ponder, my mind goes
to grocery lists

the keys to the car
idle on kitchen formica
seem to luxuriate

the vent blows slowly
paralyzed in icy sheets
shiver patiently

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