Hex is an incredibly efficient phonic. No word in the english language that can be delivered more quickly. Even the letter A often takes more time than hex. Next, even If you didn’t know what a hex was, when you learned that someone had put a hex on you, there’d be no wondering if that’s a good or a bad thing. Reverie? That sounds like it might be a nice thing, all curves and soft edges; hex is jagged and malignant. In the instruction manual of life, it is listed under “Things to avoid.”

As a corporate copywriter, I never have the opportunity to employ the word hex. Companies rarely invoke this ancient method of business dominance (though I wouldn’t rule it out as a practiced tactic among some downtown food carts), and focus groups report that ad copy that includes the word “hex” rarely resonates outside of video game demos. Despite your suspicions about Corporate America, we don’t place curses on our competition, we perform no Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil negotiations, and we get no opportunity to work this thorny little word into craft or conversation.

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