The Unwelcome Rider

(This true story first appeared at the splendid The #35 was standing room only when two gentlemen, locked in conversation, boarded and stood in front of me at the front of the bus. The one closer to me had a messenger bag over his shoulder and as he adjusted it to accommodate the other standing riders, I saw a small spider clinging to the strap by his shoulder. I wanted to alert him about his tiny stowaway, but even at a safe distance, peoples’ reactions to spiders run Read more [...]

140 Characters in Creative Nonfiction Magazine #51

I enjoy writing creative nonfiction tweets on Twitter (the hashtag #cnftweet is used by many writers, including me) and I am excited that one of my tweets was included in the print issue of Creative Nonfiction magazine. (One of 24 tweets on the theme of sustainability in issue #51.) Since it's a print only magazine, I am posting an image of the magazine here. Read more [...]

Here’s My Card

(This true story first appeared at the wonderful I wear glasses . . . except I don’t actually wear my glasses. They fine tune my vision, but things within 10 feet are mostly clear without them, so I don’t wear them. What this means on the bus is that if I’m scanning to see if anyone I know is aboard, I have to focus for a second or two on each face, and that means I make a lot of eye contact. Being a friendly sort, this is fine with me, and usually, people I don’t Read more [...]

Three Crucial Tips for Cluttering Your Basement

I enjoy a lot of the content on, a site that offers a broad array of thoughtful and entertaining topics. I submitted my own piece today, Three Crucial Tips for Cluttering Your Basement. Click the image below to read the piece. . Just in case the site tanks, I've included the piece here: Three Crucial Tips for Cluttering Your Basement Essential advice for effective amassment  As I carefully traversed the precarious faux-city-skyline of plastic-bin towers that rose Read more [...]
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