Don’t bother with Merriam-Websters — it’s not a real word. But it should be. And not simply because it’s mine, and I have the hubris to haughtily propose we recall every dictionary and post an addendum to the already crowded “C” section. Courageon should be a word because there is no other word that says what it says, and the goal of adding a new word is to expand our lexicon to allow more nuance, not create a new phonic that duplicates an existing definition. (Can I get an ‘amen’ on that, chillax?)

A courageon is, of course, a courageous individual, a daring soul, a bold darer. Notice how the synonyms are all inefficient, two-word descriptions? Courageon enables us to be more concise and precise by using a single word where two were previously required. “Our little girl is a quite a courageon — she got right up in front of the school and read her essay.” If a curmudgeon is one who is full of curmudge (that’s true, right?) then it is a reasonable stretch that a courageon is one who is full of courage. Or to put it another way — well, I can’t put it another way. That’s why it needs to be a word.

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