Everyday Stories 2016 – Recap

Everyday Stories is my annual "30 Stories in 30 Days Inspired by 30 Found Photographs" writing project. If you're looking for a place to start, or want to find a story you liked, you can see all the story photos and first lines here. Thanks for reading! Cruise November 1 “This would be a great workout,” Gwen said as she slowly waddled out to deeper water. It was more of an observation than an idea, as Gwen was done seeking out exercise regimes. Road Trip November 2 Kerri knew Read more [...]


One by one they’d disappeared. Whether it was distance or death, people had been whisked out of Karl’s life faster than he’d been able to replace them. He’d noticed the phenomenon happening in his 40s – a person would pop into his head and he’d realize he hadn’t spoken to them for them for a long time – but back then, the attrition seemed unavoidable. When he and Louise took jobs at Montana State, the Indianapolis people started falling away. When he got the job at Gonzaga, the Read more [...]


Don urgently went over the song structure one last time – main part four times instrumental, four with vocals, bridge, main two times, bridge, chorus, main four times, chorus, new part in D, bridge, outro – but all Abe could think about was how he’d never noticed that Don sounded a lot like that crank from Law and Order. Jerry someone. How long had Law and Order had been on television, anyway? Had he watched it as a kid? Was it as old as 60 Minutes? And why didn’t people on that show Read more [...]


In my favorite picture of my mom, she's painting the walls of the apartment on Hemlock Ave. We moved a lot back then, Hemlock being one of seven different places we lived between third grade and my senior year. This was back when you could knock on a door and talk to a landlord instead of dealing with a property management company, so getting out of a lease didn’t have to involve lawyers. Mom never said so, but by high school, I’d figured out the reason we moved so much – it was the only Read more [...]


Agnes was still peeved about the comment, though she couldn't put her finger on exactly why. Phil had said it loudly to everyone within earshot, not to her in particular, but there was a glint of mischief in his eyes when he glanced her way. She'd seen the same expression in a student a few years prior when the kid slyly slipped “hucking fell” into his oral report on Mark Twain. The kid said it was an accident, but Agnes saw that it wasn't. In Phil's case, she was just as certain he meant Read more [...]


If Winterset were to be buried Pompeii-style, every life stopped mid-moment and preserved for scientists to uncover and assess, future archeologists might expect the sheer bulk of the materials affixed to the Lawson’s family fridge to form an accurate snapshot of daily life in 21st century Iowa. They would attempt to piece together the ephemera as if it was a puzzle that could be solved, looking for a narrative thread that connected all the pieces, unaware that the layers of paper had grown Read more [...]

One Star

Business:  Pike Place Fish Company, Seattle Washington Reviewer:  Victor A., Hillsboro, OR Rating:      * * * * * Tell Readers More: Some things aren’t what they’re made out to be – and Pike Place is one of them. If you watch one of those Pike Place propaganda pieces on the Travel Channel or Food Network, you’ll think the place is like a game of bombardment played with fish, that it’s start-to-finish fun. In reality, those stories are like some people’s Facebook Read more [...]


Trey I’m going to keep sitting here until someone says I can’t. Call it trespassing if you want, but that’s not how I see it. I’m reclaiming what’s mine, what’s everyone’s, and if some bastard comes down here to give me shit, I’m gonna let ‘em know I’m not budging. Seriously, ever think about the idea of owning land? This guy bought it from the previous owner, who bought it from the previous owner, on down the line, but at some point, someone didn’t buy it – they just Read more [...]