Organizing the Satellites

Because her husband refused to splurge (his word) on a mattress for their growing girl, the one queen mattress remained a family bed. Fitting four (husband, daughter, their lanky hound, and herself) was an easy puzzle on paper, their cut-out shapes slipping into allotted slots, but in the darkness, her gravity seemed to increase, her daughter burrowing beneath her while the dog sprawled across the top. As she lay pinned and paralyzed, her husband snoring undisturbed on a wide tract of mattress, she Read more [...]

Engagement (100 word story)

Fercrisakes, he’s with those toys more than he is me. We eat dinner on the couch because the table is sprawled with plastic army men. He’s a grown man! He even makes the sound effects. Kboosh! Kpow! Today he told me he was looking on Craigslist for a ping pong table he could put in the garage. More real estate, he says. I suggested he just put them all in a box like every other adult did, and he tells me he’s trying to remember the things that make him happy. Oh, you can bet I took offense Read more [...]

Disappear (100 word story)

I’d save a quarter for the superball machine at the corner store, covertly flash the dayglo toy to my little brother as I entered the apartment. He’d bounce up and we’d go to the hallway, hold the little colored ball over the eight-story gap in the stairwell and drop. The balls rarely reached bottom, pushed off course by the HVAC or their own imperfections, careening off railings onto other floors. We’d hurtle down the stairs, eyes darting left and right, but sometimes they couldn’t Read more [...]

Tiny Stars (100 word story)

Laying on the hood of her old Volvo, we scanned the sky, looking for the meteor shower the weatherman had promised – “he must know, he’s a meteorologist” – our conversation continually broken by exclamations of “there’s one," then pointless pointing as the other tried to find the fleeting flash amid the myriad dots of light. We never saw the stars the other saw, focused as we were on our own patch of sky. After a while I just kept my sightings to myself, making each meteor mine Read more [...]

100 Word Story: The Chair

(, a wonderful very-short-fiction site, encourages readers to write a story based on a photo prompt. I am pleased to be one of the featured stories on their latest photograph. I've posted my story below; read all four featured posts here.)  When we piled stones in the courtyard, the soldiers kicked them down. We planted flowers, the soldiers ripped them out. Monuments are forbidden. Monuments are memories, and that’s what the soldiers want to destroy—the past. One night Read more [...]